Awards and Scholarships – Given to local High School Seniors for their community service.

Back To School Store – One day event set up like a department store where low income elementary school children shop for new clothing and school supplies with a volunteer. On site information in child health and safety and family resources is provided for parents in “The Family Resource Center” while the children shop.

Because We Care – Loose change and bills are collected at programs and meetings and used to support our Community Service Projects.

Campership – We lend our assistance as we help to provide applicants in our area for scholarships to a summer camp experience.

Center for Adult Life Enrichment –We help provide entertainment and refreshments for an active and energetic group of seniors once a month

Court Advocacy – The volunteers train to provide support and companionship at Nassau County Family Court for victims of domestic violence.

ESL (English as a Second Language) District 14 (Hewlett) – As volunteers, we work with individual children in the Hewlett School District to perfect their command of the English language.

Five Towns Early Learning Center –Working with preschoolers is the ideal place for our volunteer services.

Intergenerational Reading –You will double your own enjoyment by being a surrogate grandparent and reading partner for elementary school children.

Knitting Program – Love to knit or crochet? Lap robes are made for the sick and infirm and baby blankets are made for our Bundle Up.

Meeters & Greeters – Always greeted with a smile and an offer to help.

NCJW Thrift Shop –The funds for the services and projects we provide in the community have their source here and you can sell, encourage customers, and socialize too.

Physically Disabled Singles at JCC – We join with this unique group of individuals as they meet weekly for socializing.

Preschool Dental Screening – We are of help to the professionals as they examine and educate the preschoolers to the care and hygiene of their teeth.

Preschool Vision Screening – As volunteers we learn to screen preschoolers for early detection of eye problems.

SIBS Place – We help give support to the well children, ages 5-17, who are living with a parent or sibling with a serious or devastating illness.

STEP (Special Tutorial Education Program)

District 14 Hewlett           Under directions by their teacher

District 15 Lawrence         we work in the classroom with          

District 20 Lynbrook          children needing extra tutoring.

Sulam-LI – A religious school for Jewish children with special needs. Ages six and up. Temple Hillel on Sundays from 10 a.m. till noon.